Friday, November 25, 2011

How To Win Playing Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the games that can be played in online casinos where you have the best chance of winning. Winning in casinos needs several factors: 1. you need to be logical. 2. you need to win or lose against the bank only and not against your co-players. 3. you need enough money so you can lose several times before winning.

You may be thinking, "I thought it is a sure win, how come I need to lose several times?" Yes, you may lose a number of times but in the end you will be able to get all your losses if you follow the formula exactly. You can even try this at home with anyone, just the two of you. All you need to remember is to double your bet everytime you lose. Since the probability of losing consecutive times has been tested to have reached 27 times as the most, you can prepare for 30 losses. Assuming your minimum bet is one dollar, assume losing for 29 times so that means your one dollar will be $2 the next time, then $4, then $8, then $16, and so forth and so on. You get the drift? Try to compute doing that for 29 times. Can you fund it? If so, go ahead. If not, you will be gambling then. Using the technique, you are playing intelligently. Without the technique you are simply taking the chance of losing your money anytime. You may win but you will never know when you can recover, or if you will, at all.

Friday, November 18, 2011

happy and gay

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Are your sexual preferences differ from what we are most accustomed at? Or are you looking for a great place to have a vacation with the person you love that happens to be with the same sex as yours? Without being questioned about your personal preferences when it comes to guy-to-guy or girl-to-girl relationships? Around the world, there are so many tourist spots that will actually surprise yourself as those places actually welcomes people with gay or lesbian orientation. When we are looking for places, we see to it that we will feel the belongingness in a particular city, right? We don’t often choose an area where our personality is not accepted.

If you are a gay or a lesbian and you are looking for a wonderful place to spend your most precious time, I suggest that you should check out first sites that offers free lesbian dating advicewhere the sites like Gay Parship suggest places and things to do specially for gays. It is a great choice and I assure you that. It is open for the third sexes and you will find the place amusing and exciting. You will not find a boring time in this place. You can find lots of gorgeous and cozy Hotels to stay overnight or longer. You don’t need to worry about the feeling of your stomach; undeniably delicious and yummy foods are offered to different Restaurants and caf├ęs here. Enjoy every moment and as a proof to what is mentioned here, you can visit for more information.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Acai Berry and Other Health Supplements That Help Women Transition to Old Age

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As women get older, they become susceptible to different health conditions. Some of these conditions are inevitable, and you can avoid the others through proper diet, exercise, and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the inevitable conditions is menopause. All women go through this although some are able to handle it better than others do. Signs that indicate that a woman is going through menopausal stage are hot flashes, irregular periods, and urinary tract infections. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 42 to 56, and if you are nearing or within those age ranges, it would be a good idea for you to take natural health supplements that would help you combat the signs. These health supplements likewise make the transition easier for you.

Apart from menopause, women who are aging go through heart, digestion, colon, and immune system problems. Hence, even before you start noticing abnormalities in your digestive system or way before you experience palpitations and hot flushes, you had better take Acai Berry supplements. These healthy sources of natural fiber cleanse and detoxify your system. These are also perfect for eliminating toxins, waste, and impurities that usually lead to sickness, diseases, or even worse, death.

Another health supplement that can help women deal with the eventuality of aging is Moringa, which doesn’t only promote healthy skin and a healthier circulatory system but also detoxifies the body and assists in weight loss. If taken together, these health supplements can help you pass the process of aging with flying colors.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Away With A Slip And Fall Lawsuit

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Did you know that you can be sued if someone slips and falls in front of your property over a banana peel? The slip and fall lawsuit is tested using the pendulum test which value should be 36 and above for you to be safe from the legal charge. It is the same test that is used for bathroom tiles. How worse the fall resulted into may give the victim possible higher claim.

There are a couple of defenses, though, that one can make in order to avoid the slip and fall lawsuit. The first defense is not knowing that there was a banana peel at all. (The slip and fall lawsuit defines that you should be making sure that nothing that can be called as negligence on your part will be found in the place of accident. If there is, like the banana peel, then you can be charged.) If you claim that the banana peel was not there some minutes earlier for you to be negligent about it, then you have the possibility of having the charge dropped.

Another defense is if you can prove that the accuser was the one negligent in going about his or her walking or stride, not actually avoiding the peel when it is easily seen to be avoided, causing himself or herself to slip and fall and possibly on purpose, to be able to blame someone and make a claim.

It is not a sure way to claim. It is not a sure way to escape either. Investigations can lead to either way. It depends on how good your lawyer is.

new year tours

I remember the first time I experience touring with a tour bus and a tour guide for us! I was on my first year high school, and really I was stunned! There was even a point in my life that I dreamed of becoming a tour guide myself, you know, free travel and all its perks, sounds neat right? But of course, I didn't end up one. Anyways, that is why when I was already working and whenever we have a company excursion, I would always ask if we will have one of those comfy coasters or bus for our trips. I would gladly sit in front to clearly hear what the guide would say about the different places and stories he or she is about to tell. Super fun! Until we were able to experience one of the most unbelievable guide during our last trip, who I think doesn't even know more than three facts about the place we are touring! We were so disappointed, he was like the most unthinkable tour guide ever! And the bus itself was a disaster! poor air conditioning and it even conked up twice during our trip. Super unlucky. If only we have this Bus Charter New York or even close to this famous transportation company, our trips and tours will be heaven like! So we can experience an awesome New Years Eve in DC or New York! Do you know that this transportation industry has been in the business for more than 20 years already and known for its favorable customer satisfaction, clean and well maintained vehicles and on time service! Now that's what we need right?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

job hunting

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Been helping friends in finding job offerings online for sometime now. And earlier, I found this site that offers Beverage/Sommelier Jobs that really sounds exciting.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a fun work behind the bar or restaurant, specially that we all know how much companies, bars and restaurants pay their bartender and waiters. I just hope somebody from my group of friends will be able to fit in the requirements and be able to work just in time the Christmas season :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

breaking dawn

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sm-breaking-dawn-5Finally!!! After waiting for months and wondering when our most awaited movie will be shown, at long last they have announced that it’ll be on the 18th of this month! Of course as a tradition, my girlfriends and I will watch on the first day of showing. Hopefully we’d be able to snag good seats and time showing because from the last time we heard ticket sales is already on a high and as days goes by cinemas are announcing  that only few seats are left to be taken. Oh well, I hope there would be some posguys barcode scanner issues until we come to buy our tickets so we can  :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Careers In Nursing

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Nursing seems to be the best stepping stone for a medical job any student can take in college. As a common knowledge nurses are those helping doctors to do all those tasks like checking vital statistics of the patients, giving their prescribed medicine at the appointed time, getting blood samples, taking urine and stool samples, injecting when needed, taking notes of everything done so when the doctors check the chart they know what is happening, what has happened and what is scheduled without having to store them in their memory. With so many patients and doctors doing their rounds, doctors depend on the charts that the nurses filled up. They expect the nurses to be their help in executing proper medical tasks.

For some time, like a few years ago, when the job opportunity for doctors got  lower and nurses got higher, students who just got into college opted to go for a nursing course. As years passed by, more nurses are earning good. Some doctors took up nursing because they find it to be the new greener pasture. As they graduate, though, it seemed that the nursing field has been oversaturated that there are nursing graduates who had no job. Others went for a totally different job like being a sales person since it is a job that does not require much of a specific college course as long as one is a graduate.

It  seems, though, these nursing graduates were not looking at what is available at Soliant because there are lots of possible careers in nursingto feast on.

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